Electron and Plasma Technologies

The Electron and Plasma Technologies team is engaged in:


  • Research and development of technologies and constructions necessary e.g. for building electron microscopes working with high or ultrahigh vacuum. The most important of these technologies are electron beam welding, vacuum brazing, the design and manufacture of vacuum feedthroughs, etc.
  • Magnetron sputtering of thin metal layers such as Al, Si, Mo, Ti, Ni, Ag, C, ITO, Nb, W, TiN, Si3N4, SiO2, and their combinations. The team also managed the preparation of multi-layer systems for X-ray optics, consisting of nanometer double-layers with total thickness of tenths of a micrometer, with accuracy to tenths of a nanometer.
  • Vacuum deposition by means of electron beam heating and spectro-photometric measurements of their spectral reflectivity and transparency.
  • Deposition of abrasion-resistant layers like carbon, carbon-nitride, nano-structured multi-layers and carbon-based nano-composites.
  • Testing of hard abrasion-resistant layers by a dynamic impact tester (we are one of only two facilities in the Czech Republic that possess this instrument).