E-Beam Lithography Technology

The group of Electron Beam Lithography (EBL) within the Special technology department developed the E-beam lithography technology and Optical diffractive structures.



calibration specimen

Dimension calibration samples.

usafTarget 1951 USAF.

dynamic gravityPhotomask for dynamic measurements of gravity. Source.

A required image is enregistered into the thin polymer layer (positive or negative electron resist) by the beam of electrons. The resist-layer mask is created by the development of the exposed patterns. The substrate surface (or the working layer previously deposited on the substrate – either a metallic or a dielectric one) is modified through the resist openings.

EBL originated samples and applications:

  • Dimension standard structure.
  • Masters for nano imprint lithography (NIL).
  • Glass masks for optical and UV lithography.
  • Direct write lithography.
  • Micro and nano relief characterization by atomic force microscopy (AFM).

Selected R&D result used by industrial partners:

  • A few samples of metrology dimension standards for both optical and e beam microscopy were delivered to several customers. The precision of the samples is derived from the laser-interferometer calibrated exposure field of the e beam pattern generator. The samples are basically composed of the scale, rectangular gratings with different periods and a set of geometrical shapes with a description.

The group of Electron Beam Lithography

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