Vacuum brazing and annealing

The Special Technologies team has great experience with vacuum capillary brazing. The most commonly used solders are silver- or nickel-based alloys, or copper. For soldering metals to brittle non-metal materials (e.g. quartz), so-called “active”, soft solders are applied.


For these technologies, our institute has at its disposal two vacuum furnaces:
Vacuum furnace PZ 810, manufactured by Tesla Rožnov, with the following parameters:


  • Maximum batch dimensions: diameter 350 mm, height 590 mm.
  • Molybdenum heating and shielding elements, allowing long-term heating up to 1400 °C.
  • Vacuum 5×10-2 Pa up to 1 Pa, depending on the charge properties and working temperature.
  • Maximum speed of temperature increase: 1500°C per hour.
  • Time of cooling in high vacuum: about 8 hours. If needed, the cooling period can be cut short by venting the furnace with inert gas.


Vacuum furnace of our own design and manufacture suitable for vacuum brazing and annealing of small-sized components:


  • Maximum batch dimensions: 150 mm in diameter, 200 mm in height.
  • The vacuum space can be extended upwards (without heating) for welding objects in the hot zone, if the upper part does not exceed 18 mm (e.g. long tubes to flanges).
  • Maximum working temperature: 1100°C.