Optical diffractive structures


Fig.: Wafer with a set of several variants of diffraction optically variable image device.
Alt. Fig.: Set of diffraction grids with period of 500–1200 nm illuminated by white light from different angles.

Application Areas of diffractive Elements:
  • Spectroscopic and custom grids prepared by electron-beam lithography(EBL)
  • Photo–masks for optical lithography in visible or ultraviolet region
  • Diffractive optically variable image devices (DOVID), or security holograms
  • Decorative holograms, holographic jewelers
  • Zonal optical elements; diffractive Fresnel lenses and mirrors
  • Computer generated holograms (CGH)




Industry and Applications:
Research and Development:

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Fig.: Diffractive photo-mask of 25 mm × 25 mm size with active grid area of 20 mm × 4 mm for exposure of Bragg's grating into the core of optical fiber.

Alt. Fig.: Optical fiber sensor with Bragg's grating is used e.g. for the monitoring of the reactor containment status in the nuclear power plant (source of the illustration photo).


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More references available upon request, please contact the application projects coordinator.
Jaroslav Kopal, +420 541 514 523, kopal(at)isibrno(dot)cz.



Fig.: Replica of DOVID master (size of 32 mm x 32 mm) as commemorative holographic self-adhesive label.

Alt. Fig.: Animation of a DOVID.


ID card



Fig.: Replica of zonal lens made of planar relief structure has similar optical properties as the classic glass lens. Diameter of 50 mm.

Alt. Fig. Segmented diffraction zonal lens made of 9 segments attached in the ring holder. Diameter of 25 mm.

Fig.: Tri–color projection of CGH.

Alt. Fig.: Graphic design of the animated CGH structure – 64 frames.




Fig.: Pendant with a holographic motive. 

Alt. Fig.: Chocolate with holographic motive: 25 instances on stamping master, imprint into material, choosing of successful pieces. 


Selected Application Results Used by Industrial Partners:
  • Templates for exposure of Bragg's gratings into core fiber using UV recording. Application is in the area of optic fiber length sensors for monitoring of nuclear power plant containment status.
  • Masters of  diffractive optically variable image devices (DOVID) prepared in the thin layer of polymer for application in the area of security documents and stamps.
  • Planar structure of Fresnel type applied in the area of DOVID and in the area of controlled light redistribution from LED sources.
  • Computer generated holograms (CGH) applied in the areas of DOVID and the shaping of laser beam.

Detailed Description and Current Research and Development Directions: