Design and manufacture of feedthroughs

The team of Special technologies realizes research and manufacture of varies types of electric, vacuum-tight and high- or low- temperatures resistant feedthroughs. The technology is based on glass-to-metal seals, either with kovar or other metals (pressure-seals).The feedthroughs are usually welded to flanges or other construction components. To date we have developed the following types:


  • One-pin coaxial feedthroughs for working temperatures from –196°C up to +400°C.
  • Seven- or twelve-pin feedthroughs for temperatures from –196°C up to +400°C.
  • High-current feedthroughs for temperatures from –60 to +300°C.
  • High-pressure feedthroughs for the nuclear industry, with working temperatures from –60 up to +300°C.
  • Individual, „client“ feedthroughs.
  • Special feedthroughs for various instruments such as electron microscopes, ultrahigh vacuum devices, etc.
  • Nuclear power engineering.