The team of Levitational photonics developed a new method for quantification of experimental parameters stochastic inertial systems (such as quantum opto-mechanical systems) using the short record of their noisy trajectories. continue
22.6.2023 - Levitational Photonics
about the research of an international team, which includes scientists from the ISI CAS. continue
29.8.2022 - Levitational Photonics
Collaborating teams of scientists from the University of St Andrews in Scotland and the Institute of Scientific Instruments of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Brno manufactured a new type of mechanical “clock” composed of a birefringent sphere of the size of a blood cell oscillating in a light trap. continue
5.6.2020 - Levitational Photonics
The team of Levitational photonics created colloidal waveguides from a one-dimensional chain of polystyrene micro-spheres and showed their unusual photonic properties. continue
6.3.2019 - Levitational Photonics
The precise and reliable manipulation of single or multiple nanostructures has important consequences for contemporary nanoscience. continue
13.12.2018 - Levitational Photonics
Leviational photonics team introduced a new approach for description of random processes in unstable systems. The research was published in Physical Review Letters. continue
5.12.2018 - Levitational Photonics
International Spring school of Physics will be held 4th - 6th April 2018 at Třešť. The goal of the school is to give an overview of advanced optical trapping techniques and light related phenomena on its mission to prepare micro-objects to the quantum world. continue
22.2.2018 - Levitational Photonics
Optical binding in tractor beam enhances the optical forces acting on micro-particles. This method opens new opportunities in a controllable light-driven self-organization, sorting and transport of colloidal matter. continue
21.2.2018 - Levitational Photonics