Design and realisation of cryogenic systems

We have designed and manufactured many specialised cryogenic systems for a wide range of applications. We have projected both theoretical and experimental procedures (e.g. programs, tests, attribute verifying) leading up to the realisation of the specific system according to the customer's re­quirements.

We offer long term experience in these fields:


  • Numerical modelling of steady and non-steady thermal processes in cryogenic systems by use of the KRYOM 3.3 program (developed at the institute).
  • Thermal cycling of materials in the temperature range of 4.2 K – 373 K.
  • Determination of the low temperature mechanical properties of materials.
  • Cooling by liquefied gases.
  • Distribution of the KRYOM 3.3 program licence. The program analyses and optimises cryogenic devices.


Examples of devices developed at the institute:


  • Low lost cryostats for superconducting magnets
  • Cryogenic systems for physical experiments
  • Helium cryopump for ultra-clear pumping without vibration and electromagnetic fields.