Deep Layers forum will serve as a place to connect people, share knowledge, compare approaches and see how specific model architectures can help to solve particular tasks. The meeting is organized by a scientific group of Artificial Intelligence and Medical Technologies with the support of the Brno.AI cluster and with the finnacial support of Strategie AV21.


Price & registration

The forum is free of charge, but due to limited number of seats a registration is needed.

Registration is open Jsme_soucasti_ dny AI




Specific programme will be published in upcoming weeks. But in general, we will talk about these topics:


  • October 11st - Machine learning tutorials (in Python language)
  • - Morning blocks (start: 9:00): Introduction to the machine learning, how to treat & check your data, fast & easy-to-use ML methods
  • - Lunch (provided)
  • - Afternoon blocks (end: 15:00): Introduction to Deep Learning for newbies: layers types, basic architectures and final DL tutorial

  • October 12th - Machine learning applications
  • - Morning block 1 (start: 9:00, to be specified): Deep learning in image processing
  • - Cofee break
  • - Morning block 2: Deep learning in health sciences
  • - Lunch (provided)
  • - Afternoon blocks (exp. end: 15:00) : To be specificed


Institute of Scientific Instruments of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Kralovopolska 147


Czech Republic

616 64



Jsme_soucasti_ dny AI